You just got off from a burden of junk, scrap car by selling it off to car recyclers. Yet wondering the recycling procedure your beloved car will undergo through. Some might think, ‘What would the car recyclers make out of this rust and scrap?’ To answer all the questions and to know how Auto Scrap Removal – Cash for Cars Brisbane recycles each car, let’s take a closer look at how we do it:

The first thing to Segregate parts that can be recycled and parts that can be reused.

All the parts of an auto or some other auto can be recuperated, with a reusing rate of more prominent than 90 percent of the vehicle. The generally reused parts of an auto incorporate tires, windshield glass, batteries, steel and iron, wheels, radiators, transmissions, elastic hoses, rugs, auto seats, belts, oil channels, and tangles. Till now in Brisbane, around 220 million old tires are created, with a reusing rate of around 80 percent. Usually, reused tires are utilized as a part of asphalt bases to make new roadways. Reused glass from cars is utilized to make tile flooring, glass globules, porcelain, ledges, and gems. Reusing a ton glass can spare around 10 gallons of oil from getting utilized in the generation of new glass. Auto batteries are reused to deliver new ones. Steel and iron from junk autos are regularly used to deliver a wide range of items.

The recycling starts here:

Now that your car has achieved the end of its life cycle, being a responsible proprietor of the car, you should pitch that car as scrap auto to Auto Scrap Removal – Cash for Cars Brisbane for recycling. Once your car reaches the recycling facility, the car recycling begins by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Point by point investigation – Most importantly, our recycling professionals examines the junk car to check regardless of whether the auto is more significant to repair than to recycle. When the repairing looks unfruitful, at that point our team proceeds and continues with disassembling, dismantling and recycling.


  • Dismantling valuable parts and draining fluids: Around 90 percent of the autos in a junkyard are recycled and dismantled and not repaired for reuse. With regards to the auto recycling process, the team of Auto Scrap Removal – Cash for Cars Brisbane drains out all the fluids, for example, oil, gas, radiator fluid, transmission and brake oils and liquids. Administrators isolate risky fluids and amass them for safe transfer. Fluids, for example, gas and oil are sifted and reused. Subsequently, the auto motor and transmission are lifted from the auto body, and usable parts are expelled and cleaned. Different segments, for example, tires and batteries are likewise evacuated for resale or reusing.


  • Offering recouped car parts Some auto parts are reusable ‘as is’ to repair different autos while different parts can be sold to automobile part remanufacturers to revamp. The recycling department of Auto Scrap Removal – Cash for Cars Brisbane may offer these parts to nearby repair activities.


  • Shredding, Destroying and Crushing Vehicles Once all the recyclable auto parts aside from metals, for example, iron and steel are dealt with and put away or sold, the main thing that remaining parts are an auto body which incorporates distinctive metals. The auto body is then pounded/weighed and destroyed to diminish into a golf ball estimated metal lump.

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