Considering the auto scrap recycling statistics, it is assumed that the car you are driving now will become one good source of metal some years later. One should know that almost 80-90% cars are recycled each year that have been used in past decade. But the main recycling procedure that runs through all time is automotive scrap/parts recycling of the car that is still in your service.

We should observe some essential raw numbers relating to auto or auto recycling:


  1. Consistently, more than 25 million tons of materials are reused from old vehicles.


  1. Cars are the most recycled consumer product on the earth today.


  1. Automotive scrap recycling industry in Brisbane gives adequate steel to deliver approximately 13% new vehicles.


  1. In Europe, consistently, about eight million vehicles are recycled.


  1. Consistently, the North American car reusing industry spares around 85 million barrels of oil from getting utilized as a part of making new or substitution vehicle parts.


  1. The present worldwide Automotive scrap recycling industry is around 75 years of age.


  1. As indicated by reports, the gross yearly income in 1997 in the USA was $7.05 billion and in Canada was $1.15 billion. Around the same time, fast car removal in USA and Canada obtained roughly 4.7 million vehicles for recycling. Also, automotive scrap recycling spent around $50 million on ecological consistency.


  1. Crosswise over Brisbane, automotive scrap recycling gives around 40 percent of ferrous metal for scrap handling industry.


  1. The measure of perilous liquids and oils recovered securely via automotive scrap recycling industries is equivalent to 8 Exxon Valdez calamities!


  1. Most automotive scrap recycling industries are independent companies. More than 75 percent of all car reusing organizations utilize around 10 individuals.


  1. Automotive scrap recycling industries retail and discount clients with quality car parts that cost 20 percent to 80 percent not as much as similar new vehicle parts.


  1. Consistently, more than 14 million tons of recycled steel is taken from junk vehicles. An auto has around 25 percent of a body produced using recycled steel.


  1. Each year, around 27 million autos that achieve the finish of their valuable life from around the earth are recuperated for recycling.


  1. Pretty much 80 percent of a vehicle (by weight) is reused and the rest of the 20 percent that can’t be reused is named as “auto shredder buildup (ASR)” which incorporates ferrous and nonferrous metal pieces, earth, glass, texture, paper, wood, elastic and plastic. Consistently, around 5 million tons of ASR is discarded in landfills.


  1. Roughly 90 percent of aluminum of a vehicle is recouped and recycled.


  1. Automotive scrap recycling industries supply around 37 percent of all ferrous metal to impact heaters and smelters.


  1. Around 98-99 percent of auto batteries can be recycled.


  1. Auto tyre recycling industries are reasonable and material can be utilized to deliver shoes and roadways.