Auto Scrap Removal is an established salvage yard in Brisbane, Queensland. We deal with all unwanted cars that were loved long ago. Bring in your vehicle and set out your feet with a happy face for the amount of cash we will provide you with your junk and unwanted car. Forget dealer trade-ins if your car has sustained moderate to severe damages that are either beyond fixing or are too costly to fix. Just get those butsy rusty cars to us and take back your cash right at the spot without any delay!

Our Target

Our team is focused and consistent and would never let your hopes down. The target of  Scrap Car Removal Brisbane is to purchase thousands of unwanted cars each month with happy customers.


The enthusiastic team of Auto Scrap Removal will deploy each of your demands just the way you want it. Why? Because we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Services we offer

Auto Scrap Removal offers services like:

  1. Scrap and junk car removals.
  2. Cash for scrap cars.
  3. Cash for junk cars,
  4. Unwanted car removals.
  5. Metal recycling.
  6. Automotive scrap recycling.
  7. Car body removal.

Auto Scrap Removal uses the Weight of your car as the last stop


At the point when all else falls flat, you can check your vehicle’s weight as a guesstimate for its incentive as scrap metal. Most of the weight in your auto is made out of steel. It’s genuinely simple to decide the estimation of scrap steel at nearby recycling factories. Costs of around $150 per ton are normal, so your normal auto is typically worth around $300 to a scrapyard. In case you’re being offered scrap costs for an auto that has a potential for recycled parts or even a bartering deal, you ought to negotiate with the Auto Scrap Removal’s team to provide you better and reasonable price of your vehicle.

Never Accept cash for your unwanted cars for conditions

Set an esteem while removing your auto and stick to it. Just ask them what cash for cars is justified and settle for it without any conditions. Be watchful for one strategy utilized by corrupt junkyards: The Bait and Switch. A few junkyards give you a restrictive cost considering your portrayal and say they’ll review the auto when they land to lift it up with their wrecker. Once the auto is on the truck, they offer you a much lower figure than you settled upon on the telephone. All the weight is on you to abdicate because the auto is now on their truck. So, if any complaint occurs by any of our employee doing the Bait and Switch thing. Let us know and we will be held each employee accountable.

Because finally, customer satisfaction is what runs our business!